Frequently Asked Questions About Phone Swipe

  Is mobile  credit card processing using a swiper as secure as a wireless credit card terminal?

  A mobile credit card processing system is completely secure.  It includes: state-of-the-art security as well as built-in fraud protection.

  Do I need a merchant account to use a mobile credit card swiper?

  Yes. By using your free credit card swiper you will be entering into a merchant account with NorthAmerican Bancard.  Your total swipe fees will be 2.69% per swipe.  Keyed-in transactions are 3.49% + 19¢.  There are not other fees.

  Why is a mobile merchant account considered a low cost credit card processing solution?

  Since transactions are not paper-based, merchants benefit from not having to invest in equipment or software, which raises the cost of credit card processing.

Due to the time and money savings, you can easily see why a Phone Swipe merchant account is considered an efficient and low cost credit card processing solution.

  What types of businesses benefit the most by having the ability to accept credit cards by phone?

  Virtually any business that needs the mobility of a wireless credit card machine – but wants to keep its expenses down – can benefit from using a Phone Swipe merchant account.

  After swiping a credit card, how soon will I receive the funds?

  A common complaint of customers using Square is the unnecessary holding of funds.  At NorthAmercian Bancard we are committed to getting your hard earned funds to you as quickly as possible. Funds are deposited into your bank account next day, for all sales processed by 5 PM ET.

  If I run into problems or have questions, what type of support do you offer.

  We offer live 24 hour support 7 days a week with representatives knowledgeable in mobile credit card processing technology, Phone Swipe, and your merchant account.  Support is offered via phone, email and chat.

  What devices support a Phone Swipe Swiper.

  Phone Swipe is compatible with most Apple iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

  • Requires iOS 9.0 or higher
  • iPhone – 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus
  • iPad – iPad 2, iPad (3rd gen), iPad with Retina, iPad mini, iPad mini 2,iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2
  • iPod touch – iPod (5th gen)

Your Android device should have the following specifications:

  • Requires Google Android 4.0 or higher
  • 3.5mm headset jack with microphone
  • “Normal” or “Large” screen size
  • Access to Google Play
  • Location services

If you aren’t sure if your device meets the above requirements, check with your phone carrier or device manufacturer.

The Phone Swipe app is currently optimized for the following devices:

  • Google Nexus 4
  • Google Nexus 10
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus
  • Samsung Tablet 2-7″ (wi-fi only)
  • Samsung Tablet 2-10″ (wi-fi only)

  Can I set up more than one user for my account?

  Yes.  By default you are the administrator of the account.  You have the ability to add other uses, such as employees.  When you add a new user, they will receive an email invitation and be asked to set up a password.  The new user will then be able to accept credit card payments on your behalf.

  How can I set up a mobile credit card processing account?

  If you would like to begin accepting credit cards by phone, please contact us and let us assist you in setting up your Phone Swipe merchant account. You can contact us by phone.



Still have questions?  Please feel free to contact us.
  OR CALL 800-978-3999

Still have questions?  Please feel free to contact us.
  OR CALL 800-978-3999

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